Pay Rise for Senior Staff Unjustifiable

by Andy Canning on 21 July, 2016

Despite strong protests and a lively debate the County Council agreed today to give many of its senior staff a substantial pay rise. At a time of major job cuts and cuts in services this seems to me to be totally unjustifiable.  Altogether it will cost tax payers £65,000 that could have been spent on […]

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Councils Unite to Defeat Hate Crime

by Andy Canning on 21 July, 2016

Today I moved near identical motions at Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council to affirm our commitment to stamp out hate crime.  Both motions have been fully accepted with unanimous support. The rate of Hate Crimes recorded nationally rose by 42% in the week after the EU Referendum. That’s a total of over […]

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WDDC Fails to Get Affordable Housing

by Andy Canning on 15 July, 2016

The District Council has failed again to get any affordable housing for a key central site in Dorchester. News has just been released that there will be no affordable housing at all – not even one flat! – at the old Prison site in North Square.  This is a major failure for the District Council […]

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Action on McDonalds

by Andy Canning on 7 July, 2016

At last a plan is to be drawn up by the Highways Team at DCC to tackle the state of the verges by McDonalds at Monkeys Jump.  The size of the potholes and the indiscriminate way people have been parking is just not acceptable.  Ideally McDonalds would expand the size of their car park but […]

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Mobile Library Service CLOSED!

by Andy Canning on 29 June, 2016

  Today, the Conservative Cabinet running Dorset County Council voted to end our local mobile library service.  Three out of four mobile libraries are to be axed at the end of the year and only one is being retained to visit care homes.  This will remove a service that is vital for people who don’t […]

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Green Light for Great Western Cross

by Andy Canning on 9 June, 2016

The County Council today approved plans to make Great Western Cross a much safer junction for pedestrians while improving traffic flows.  The plans include putting new pedestrian crossings on each of the roads at the junction and banning some turns so that the crossings can operate while the traffic flows smoothly in other directions.  Advanced […]

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Youth Centres Saved

by Andy Canning on 25 May, 2016

After much work by community groups in Dorchester and Crossways both Youth Centres are set to survive!  It will still be a major challenge for local volunteers to run these services without any support from the County Council but I will do what I can to help.  What has helped in Dorchester is that the […]

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WDDC Approves Unwanted Housing Development

by Andy Canning on 19 May, 2016

In spite of both my best efforts and those of Crossways Parish Council, WDDC’s Planning Committee this afternoon approved plans to build 95 new houses on land by Frome Valley Road.  This is in spite of Crossways already getting 500 houses to the south of Warmwell Road and possibly up to 600 by Moreton.  District […]

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Democracy Wins!

by Andy Canning on 9 May, 2016

The proposal to change and open up the way that West Dorset District Council is run has been overwhelmingly approved by local residents.  A total of 15,534 voted for Change and a move to Committee based decision making as opposed to 8,811 who voted to keep things as they are with a Leader + Cabinet […]

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A352 Speed Limit Cut

by Andy Canning on 1 April, 2016

After working with residents and the local Parish Councils the good news is that the speed limit on the A352 between Broadmayne and Dorchester has been cut to 50mph for a year as a trial to see if it reduces speeds along this windy stretch of road.  There have been far too many accidents along […]

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