Stopping Cuts to SEND Transport

by Andy Canning on 8 December, 2018

After Wednesday’s meeting our mum’s group hasn’t had the chance to thank the councillors who played apart in the background, and was completely against the CUTS to SEND children
I know they don’t like being thanked but they deserve it, it’s good to know we have some fantastic councillors around
Tia Roos
Jon Orrell
Andy Canning
Kate Wheller
Nick Ireland & the man sat next to him ( sorry forgotten name )

Thank you to you all for putting up with me in my state of panic over the weekend, cheers Tia for once again going over my statement before being submitted
Also thanks to Claudia Sorin for helping to coordinate us and Barry Tempest Giovanna Lewis Mollie Collins Margaret Alsop Sarah Carney and Jason Cridland from Dorset eye for the support you continue to show towards our parents group

Our campaign group will not be stopping there we want to know who signed that paper off to get it as far as they did without any investigation or public consultation in which could’ve been very damaging towards our children.
This has caused so much upset to many families someone needs to be held to account!

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