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What Future for Town Centre?

by Andy Canning on 21 September, 2017

West Dorset District Council has decided to have a fifth attempt at developing Charles Street.  This is the latest news in the long-running saga which began back in the 1970’s!  It has already cost taxpayers several millions and there is nothing to show for it, except a state-of-the-art Council HQ!  For this latest proposal WDDC […]

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Save Dorchester’s Tourist Information Centre

by Andy Canning on 20 October, 2016

Despite tourism being West Dorset’s largest employer and Dorchester’s TIC receiving over 180,000 visitors last year, the District Council is looking to cut this service drastically to save just a few thousand pounds!  Two options are being considered – closing the staffed office completely or retaining a much-reduced service with fewer staff, fewer things on […]

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Pay Rise for Senior Staff Unjustifiable

by Andy Canning on 21 July, 2016

Despite strong protests and a lively debate the County Council agreed today to give many of its senior staff a substantial pay rise. At a time of major job cuts and cuts in services this seems to me to be totally unjustifiable.  Altogether it will cost tax payers £65,000 that could have been spent on […]

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Councils Unite to Defeat Hate Crime

by Andy Canning on 21 July, 2016

Today I moved near identical motions at Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council to affirm our commitment to stamp out hate crime.  Both motions have been fully accepted with unanimous support. The rate of Hate Crimes recorded nationally rose by 42% in the week after the EU Referendum. That’s a total of over […]

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Democracy Wins!

by Andy Canning on 9 May, 2016

The proposal to change and open up the way that West Dorset District Council is run has been overwhelmingly approved by local residents.  A total of 15,534 voted for Change and a move to Committee based decision making as opposed to 8,811 who voted to keep things as they are with a Leader + Cabinet […]

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Local Election Candidates Chosen

by Andy Canning on 10 April, 2015

Nick Ireland – for Broadmayne & Crossways Ward Nick moved to Osmington 14 years ago and his three children have all attended local schools. He has been involved in numerous local projects including the production of both the Village Design Statement and Community Plan. Nick joined Osmington Parish Council in early 2009 and is currently […]

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Vaccinating Badgers

by Andy Canning on 24 January, 2014

The Dorset Badger Vaccination Project has been set up as a way to reduce the spread of TB in badgers and cattle without culling.  The project is  offering free vaccination by fully trained and qualified volunteers and just requires the permission of landowners to gain access to badger setts.  Already they are working with the […]

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Charles Street Development Moves a Step Closer

by Andy Canning on 21 January, 2014

Did you know that West Dorset District Council has been trying to develop Charles Street for shopping since 1973?  It seems amazing that it’s taken so long.  However, at last I feel we might be getting there.  Waitrose and M&S have both signed up for stores at least twice as large as their current premises.  Unfortunately […]

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Is Badger Cull Reasonable?

by Andy Canning on 18 July, 2013

Is it a proportionate response to kill 70% of badgers to tackle a disease that kills only 0.3% of cattle?  That’s the question I asked in a debate at County Hall today on whether the Council should write to the Government to oppose any badger cull in Dorset.  The other question that I felt needed […]

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All Good Things . . .

by Andy Canning on 20 May, 2013

What a great year it has been to be Mayor of Dorchester!  From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, through the Arts Festival, the Carnival and then the Olympics it has been a great honour and a privilege to have been the Mayor of such a wonderful town.  One thing that has impressed me throughout has been […]

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