Charles Street Development Moves a Step Closer

by Andy Canning on 21 January, 2014

Did you know that West Dorset District Council has been trying to develop Charles Street for shopping since 1973?  It seems amazing that it’s taken so long.  However, at last I feel we might be getting there.  Waitrose and M&S have both signed up for stores at least twice as large as their current premises.  Unfortunately there’s still a funding gap of about £4 million but this week WDDC agreed to underwrite half of this and developer Simons will have to find the other half.  With the economy improving this might never be needed but even if it is the Council should get the money back fairly quickly through higher car parking revenue from more shoppers and higher business rates.  In contrast to the £16 million wasted on new Council Offices for no return to the public I feel that a £2 million investment to boost the town’s shopping is worth it.

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