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Lower South Street Improved

by Andy Canning on 26 August, 2017

At last the new paving at the lower end of South Street has been finished. Last weekend the Mayor officially re-opened the area along with some majorettes! As Chairman of the Dorchester Transport & Environment working group I am pleased that this work and the new pedestrian crossing will act to improve the links between […]

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Osmington Hill Speed Limit to be Cut

by Andy Canning on 1 October, 2016

Good news for road safety! In the next few months the speed limit on Osmington Hill will be cut.  With so many narrow entrances on to the A353 between Preston and Osmington, and increased use from holidaymakers, the current national speed limit is dangerous and it is welcome news that it is to be reduced. […]

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Action on McDonalds

by Andy Canning on 7 July, 2016

At last a plan is to be drawn up by the Highways Team at DCC to tackle the state of the verges by McDonalds at Monkeys Jump.  The size of the potholes and the indiscriminate way people have been parking is just not acceptable.  Ideally McDonalds would expand the size of their car park but […]

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Green Light for Great Western Cross

by Andy Canning on 9 June, 2016

The County Council today approved plans to make Great Western Cross a much safer junction for pedestrians while improving traffic flows.  The plans include putting new pedestrian crossings on each of the roads at the junction and banning some turns so that the crossings can operate while the traffic flows smoothly in other directions.  Advanced […]

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A352 Speed Limit Cut

by Andy Canning on 1 April, 2016

After working with residents and the local Parish Councils the good news is that the speed limit on the A352 between Broadmayne and Dorchester has been cut to 50mph for a year as a trial to see if it reduces speeds along this windy stretch of road.  There have been far too many accidents along […]

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Dealing with Potholes

by Andy Canning on 7 March, 2016

I warmly welcome the long overdue repair and resurfacing work to the B3390.  It has taken months of pushing for this.  In addition I have got DCC to agree to improve the road safety markings by the new Co-Op and around the village of Warmwell to make drivers aware of the need for safety in […]

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Making Our Roads Safer

by Andy Canning on 1 February, 2016

Ever since I was elected to the County Council I have been pressing for the Highways Authority to be more pro-active in making our roads safer, including cutting speed limits. A result of this has been the decision to trial a 50mph speed limit between Broadmayne and Dorchester along the A352 over the next twelve […]

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By-Pass Flooding to be Solved!

by Andy Canning on 18 January, 2016

After years of campaigning by local Parish Councils and myself the County Council has agreed to find the money to fix the problem of flooding on the West Stafford by-pass. A project is currently underway to find the most cost effective solution and we’ve been promised that this solution will be in place this year! […]

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Cut Speeds on A352

by Andy Canning on 27 November, 2014

For the second time in a little over a year there has been a serious accident on the A352 between Broadmayne and Dorchester. This road is very windy with many hidden entrances and should surely not have a 60mph speed limit on it. I am calling on the County Council to cut the speed limit […]

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Action at McDonalds

by Andy Canning on 9 April, 2014

The verges at McDonalds by Monkeys Jump roundabout are now worse than ever and need to be dealt with.  I met today with the Local Manager and County Officers to find a way forward to stop the illegal parking.  Options being considered include more bollards, double yellow lines, creating proper parking bays or turning the restaurant into a […]

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