Number 5 Bus Saved!

by Andy Canning on 15 January, 2018

I have been working very hard with Cllr Nick Ireland to ensure that there is some sort of day time bus service for Crossways, Broadmayne, West Knighton, Warmwell and Osmington.

After much behind the scenes negotiation Damory have confirmed this morning that they are willing to run an ‘experimental’ service up to September.

More details will be available shortly once they have registered a timetable.

Damory have said, “I can now confirm that we intend to operate an experimental service throughout the day on the current service 5 routing. This will provide a range of journeys between approximately 0800 and 1800, including school holidays, and will include peak time journeys between Crossways and Dorchester at times suitable for commuters as well as daytime journeys throughout the whole service 5 route.

This service will initially be experimental until September.”

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