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Dorset’s Living Verges

by Andy Canning on 8 January, 2014

The cutting of grass verges along the highway has been inadequate over the last two years.  Poor timing has seen wild flowers cut down and the verges cut too infrequently to keep the grass under control.  Part of the problem has been poor management and part has been caused by leaving the cuttings on the ground […]

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Mixed News for Rural Buses

by Andy Canning on 4 December, 2013

Our campaign to save the Saturday service on local bus routes certainly made an impact at County Hall.  The 800 strong petition, my lobbying plus all of the letters and e-mails helped make some difference.  In the end our efforts saved three Saturday bus routes and got some services partially restored but unfortunately a lot are still […]

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Car Park Messaging in Dorchester

by Andy Canning on 4 September, 2013

Finding an empty parking space in Dorchester is about to get a lot easier.  The first step has been to install signs at each car park stating how many empty spaces there are available.  Next will come signs at the entrance ways into the town listing the car parks and letting you know where the empty spaces […]

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New Recycling and Rubbish Collection

by Andy Canning on 20 August, 2013

The collection of recycling and rubbish in Dorchester and the villages to the east and north of the town will change completely in March 2014.  Most people will be given a brown plastic bin for the weekly collection of food waste, a large wheelie bin with a green lid for the fortnightly collection of paper, tin and […]

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Superfast Broadband is on the way

by Andy Canning on 16 August, 2013

The next four years will see a massive upgrading in Broadband speeds across Dorset.  All local major villages will get superfast speeds and even isolated houses will see their speed increase to at least 2 mbps.  If you want to know when this new service will be available to you then click here find where […]

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Grass Cutting to be Reviewed

by Andy Canning on 21 June, 2013

We’re into the second year of getting only six cuts a year to the grass verges and the policy clearly isn’t working.  Our verges are getting ridiculously overgrown, weeds are thriving and there’s an awful mess left after cutting.  Also the Council is struggling to deliver even six cuts due to equipment failure caused by […]

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Width Restrictions by Tincleton

by Andy Canning on 24 May, 2013

At last, a long overdue Order to restrict the width of vehicles using Watery Lane and Dark Lane between Puddletown and Higher Woodsford Road is about to be introduced.  The Order was supposed to have been introduced back in 2006 but somehow never happened.  Staff changed and the whole thing got forgotten about until research […]

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Fewer Houses for Crossways

by Andy Canning on 13 May, 2013

Good news for residents of Crossways.  The Conservative-run District Council’s plan for over 1,200 new houses has been drastically reduced.  Now the maximum number of new houses will be 500 and may be as low as 400.  Any development will take place gradually over the next 17-18 years.  This result is due to the consistent […]

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