Your GP Surgery is Under Threat

by Andy Canning on 29 November, 2016

There is a very real possibility that your GP’s Surgery could close by 2021.

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are considering a strategy document that is proposing a drastic reduction in the number of what they call “sites delivering Primary Care” or what we call GP’s Surgeries.

You can read the report here.

  • Page 34 concerns Mid Dorset including Dorchester and envisages a reduction in GP locations from 11 at present to between 4-6.
  • Page 35 concerns North Dorset including Sherborne and envisages a reduction in GP locations from 14 at present to between 3-8.
  • Page 37 concerns West Dorset and envisages a reduction in GP locations from 8 at present to between 3-5.

These reductions are shockingly large and will effect thousands of local residents and yet the Dorset CCG are not proposing to consult the public about this report at all.

I believe that the public have the right to know about this proposal and should have the right to have a say before any definite decision is taken.

If you agree please sign my online petition.

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  1. Mr A Stead says:

    Dear Mr Canning,

    As a resident of Broadmayne I was rather surprised to receive your leaflet warning our GP Surgery could close by 2021.

    Our GP Surgery has already closed and the former GP who made no attempt to consult with his patients, staff, Parish Council or residents of Broadmayne is currently trying to develop the building to sell on as a residential property.

    May I ask what steps were (or indeed could have been) taken by the Lib Dems to prevent this? It is my understanding GPs and their Practices are small businesses in their own right, not controlled by or answerable to the NHS.

    Aside from this, it is also my understanding the GPs in Dorset form the membership of the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group. Surely it is the GPs we should be addressing directly over any proposals and not their administrative workforce?

    I hope to receive your clarification on these questions soon.

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