A Bad Time to be a Pensioner

by Andy Canning on 5 June, 2017

The next five years are set to be a bad time if you’re a pensioner or soon to become one.
Theresa May has taken the Conservatives in a new direction.  Just look at her manifesto commitments:
  • ending the triple lock on the state pension that guaranteed pensions increased by the highest out of prices, wages or 2.5%
  • cutting the winter fuel allowance and
  • forcing those in need of care at home to pay more and to include the value of their home.
Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron said, “I’ve never seen a more a more heartless, nasty and cruel policy, than the Dementia Tax.”
I really feel that the future of our NHS is at risk if Theresa May gets re-elected by a landslide.  The NHS is under huge pressure from cuts at a time when the numbers of elderly people needing its services is increasing.
Locally, there are proposals to close GP Surgeries, transfer services away from Dorset County Hospital to Poole and Bournemouth and reduce the number of beds in community hospitals.
At the same time local bus services are set to de decimated after July 22nd leaving many people isolated if they don’t have a car.  Later in the summer local pensioners will also lose the right to travel free on the remaining buses before 9.30am.
I am determined to fight all of these Conservative cuts.  Pensioners needs must be defended.
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