Local Schools Under Threat

by Andy Canning on 26 May, 2017

The Conservatives’ policy of austerity is now threatening the future of our children at a time when we need to be raising standards to be able to cope with the harsher post-Brexit world, not sacking teachers.
According to policies already announced by Theresa May virtually every school in West Dorset is set to lose funding by 2019 at a time when the number of children is increasing.
The Thomas Hardye School alone is set to lose over £850,000.  That’s the equivalent of losing 24 teachers.
Go to www.schoolcuts.org.uk and insert the name of any local school to see for yourself how much they will lose.
If the Conservatives are re-elected teachers will be made redundant and our children’s future will be put at risk.
The Liberal Democrats are committed to restoring all of these cuts.
The choice in West Dorset couldn’t be clearer.  Just look at the result of the County Council elections just over three weeks ago which is shown below – on June 8th either I will win or the Conservative will – no other result is possible.
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