Last Chance for Bus Services

by Andy Canning on 23 May, 2017

Last week I handed in a 4,500 strong petition at County Hall calling on the County Council to think again about it’s policy of cutting so many bus routes.
This is the largest local petition I’ve ever heard of!  It clearly shows how worried residents are about becoming isolated and stuck at home.
On July 22nd the number of supported buses is due to be cut from 35 to just 7!
The County elections on May 4th saw the Lib Dems defeat the County Council’s Leader, Robert Gould.  As a result there is new leadership at County Hall and so one last chance to change this decision.
Such a large petition will make an impact on decision makers but so will personal testimony.
I urge everyone who will lose out from this cut to write to the new County Leader, Rebecca Knox, with your own story.
Please write to Cllr Rebecca Knox, Dorset County Council, Colliton Park, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ.
We can still save Dorset’s buses.  If I am elected as your M.P. on June 8th the first thing I will do is meet with the new County Leadership to demand that this policy is changed and our buses saved.
If you know of other people who are concerned about the future of our buses please forward this e-mail.


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