Bus Services Devastated

by Andy Canning on 2 February, 2017

Dorset County Council has announced that it is cutting the number of bus services that it supports from 35 down to just 7!

This will have a devastating effect on everyone who doesn’t have access to a car.

It will increase isolation as those on low incomes, poor mobility and the elderly, who live anywhere that isn’t close to a town centre, will become stranded in their homes.

How are people to get food, to do their shopping or get to the doctors or the hospital?

Some may be able to rely on family or friends some of the time, but many others will not.

The bus services that will come to an end in our area on July 22nd include:

1, 2 and 6 Dorchester town services
44 West Bay – Bridport
71 Lyme Regis town service
73 Powerstock – Bridport
74 Sherborne – Yetminster – Yeovil
101 Crossways – Broadmayne – Dorchester
210 Litton Cheney – Bridport
211 Poundbury – Weymouth
212 Dorchester – Yeovil
307 Stalbridge – Dorchester
311 Blandford – Dorchester

Go to http://www.west-dorset-libdems.org.uk/save_our_bus_services to sign my petition.



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  1. Derek Slade says:

    I have been in contact with Richard Drax ……im not saying he can stop it …..but to “Get him on board ” so to speak …..may indeed help I await his comments .

  2. Chris and Paula Warren says:

    We are very concerned about the plan to cut the 101 bus service from Crossways. This is the only option that many people can afford to use for transport into Dorchester and considering the plans for further development in Crossways we consider cutting the bus service to be totally unacceptable.
    We would think a rebalance of resource should be examined such as reducing the service 10 which runs every 10 minutes between Dorchester and Weymouth, sometimes two or three buses following each other with only a small number of passengers on each!
    We know that this service is operated by First and not Damory but surely something could be done to channel the necessary subsidy to allow the service 101 to continue.
    Crossways always seems to dip out when it comes to infrastructure i.e. Crossways Library and Youth Centre only survive thanks to voluntary help, so please do something to protect our bus service.

  3. Emm Stoodley says:

    I’ve asked a Damory driver this morning on the 101 service and all they have received is a letter stating that as of 24th July no passed to be accepted before 9.30 which is already the case on this bus.

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